Western Bluebird 1


Morning In Rose Valley


Beside me

The grey-green pond

Laughed in the morning


Quietly I sat,

While birds all around

Called out to one another,

Stranger!  Stranger!

And hid among the reeds.

Please, I thought out loud,

I only want to look at you.



They forgot

I was there and


Hopped out onto a log

Where we looked

At one another.



Poem first appeared in the anthology “The Old Veranda Swing”



Return to the Sea

I felt the ocean breeze

On my face,


To hear the rumble

Of waves breaking on the shore –

Took off my shoes

To feel the sand and salt water

Once again and


What it was like

To be twenty

With my life

A blank page


To be written.


Poem first appeared in the anthology “Island Shores”


On the Farm

The smell of sweet decay

Rises from the fallen leaves

And broken poplars

In late September

Geese cackle noisily

And cowbells ring.

Inside, the smell of apple pies baking

And Uncle Hank’s pipe

There are biscuits on the table

And coffee served in chipped mugs

Real cream and cubes of sugar

“Gather the eggs, would you dear?”


*Poem first appeared in “The Ultra Best Short Verse 2018” Anthology, A Beret Days Book, The Ontario Poetry Society



When we were young,

We swam in the beaver dam

And plucked the leaches from each other’s backs.

You were fearless

And knew how to do things –

Like churning ice cream,

Birthing kittens,

And making tomato sandwiches.

The coyotes at night didn’t frighten you at all.

You were the leader

And I would gladly follow

As we marched through fields of wheat,

Down dusty dirt roads,

Because we wanted to go to Grandma’s house

And you knew the way.

We played in the grain bins and hay lofts,

And explored the old farmhouse,

Searching for forgotten treasures

As it slowly sank into the earth.

And when we were thrown

From Uncle Hank’s horse

You got back on, while I…

I was too afraid.



*Poem first appeared in “Canadian Stories” Magazine, Volume 21, No. 123, Year 2018


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